The Village Panchayat of Chimbel is located on the hills of Sahahdyri Range. It consists of revenue villages of Chimbel and part of Morombi – O- Grande. The V.P. Chimbel forms a part of Santa Cruz Assembly constituency and Chimbel Zilla Panchayat constituency.
The Santa Cruz Constituency is represented by Shri. Rudolf Fernandes in Goa Legislative Assembly, whereas the Chimbel Zilla Panchayat Constituency is represented by Girish Uskaikar
The Village Panchayat of Chimbel is headed by its Sarpanch Mr. Sandesh A. Shirodkar (ward No.6 ) along with the ward members as follows:-


Sr.No Names of Elected Members Ward No Ward Name Contact No
1 Mr.Mohammad Nizar Mohamed Sharif Aminbhavi 1 indiranagar 9158506818
2 Mr. Shankar Rama Naik 2 Indiranagar 9370903757
3 Mrs.Shabana Mohamad Ali Bhadrapur 3 indiranagar 9922332662
4 Mr. Madhulo Chanyya Mada 4 indiranagar 8830461133
5 Mrs.Drishti Devanand Kavlekar 5 Shirent Gaulebhat 8698325104
6 Mr. Sandesh Atmaram Shirodkar 6 Gaulebhat 9822688101
7 Mrs.Manisha Shailesh Chopdekar 7 Chinchwada Gaulebhat 7066925232
8 Mr.Ravindra Balcrisna Chopdencar 8 Chinchwada 9673374352
9 Mr.Sandesh Vinayak Chopdekar 9 Manaswada 9822128068
10 Mrs.Krupa Kamlakant Kankonkar 10 Kirllawada Gawath Dateshwer 9623674462
11 Mrs.Rosy Adam Utkuri 11 Indiranagar 9309915235


The first Sarpanch of Village Panchayat of Chimbel was Mr. Simon Wences Pereira in the year 1963.There are many stalwart Sarpanchas and Panch members who are elected repeatedly for more than two terms.
The Village Panchayat house Portuguese era lake which used to supply drinking water to city of Panjim. There are other beautiful lakes and ponds in the village used for irrigation purpose. The Chimbelkarin lake is famous , as a folk fore goes… it said that Goddess Chimbelakrin the Village deity used to visit this lake for refreshing up and sit on the Black stone in field opp. to the Asylum which can been seen even today. It is also said that with the blessing of the goddess, gold ornaments were given to the needy when called from the Chimbelakrin tali especially during Zagor and other village festivals.
The Village also houses an asylum for needy which is run by the Government of Goa through its Institute of Public Assistance ( Provedoria).
There are numerous temples in the Village as Chimbelakrin temple and Krishna temple at Govlem Bhat, Hanumman temple at Govelm Bhat and Datteshwar Colny, Sateri Temple at Shirent and Gawant, Ram Mandir at Shirent and Manaswadda, Mahadev temple, Durgadevi temple, Chimbelkarin temple and Ayaapa temple at Indira Nagar, Maruti temple at kirla Wadda, Krishna temple at Manaswadda.
There are two mosques at Indiranagar which are the prayer houses for Muslim brethren.
The village is blessed with 3 chapels, the chapel of Imaculada Conceicao at Portais and Chapel of Our Lady of Livre Febre are under the parish of Our Lady of Ajuda, Ribandar. The Chapel of Santa Barbara at Indira Nagar is under the parish of Our Lady of Merces, Merces, besides this there are other chapel of St. Francis Xavier at Chinchwada, Santa Cruz and Holy Cross at Indiranagar, There is also Zion Prayer house and Bethel and Telgu Baptist Church at Indiranagar.
The education of the village is taken care by Village school Like Union Primary and High school, Little star Primary School and 3 Government primary school and One Government High school. The Jaded Urdu School takes care of the student of Urdu language.
The people of Chimbel are Hospitable and live in harmony with each other along with nature. The main occupation of the people is farming. The farmers grow Local Vegetables and paddy during Rabi and kharif crops. The Chimbel Ridge Gourd (Gosalle) is known throughout Goa, beside ridge Gourd people grows Chilies, lady Finger and Long beans, Mesh melons Bitter Gourd, Cucumber, Snake Gourd.


The vision of Village Panchayat is to set up a Garbage treatment plant with segregation facility to generate Bio Gas and to undertake house to house garbage collection with a motto to keep village Chimbel Clean & Green as it is rightly said†cleanliness is closest to godliness†and we wish to achieve and make Chimbel a model village in Goa.

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